Happy Father’s Day from All of Us at Sandgear

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October 28, 2016
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Happy Father’s Day from All of Us at Sandgear

As we begin another busy Monday, we hope that all you fathers out there had a very special Father’s Day weekend! There is nothing that compares to spending quality time with family. This weekend was a scorcher here in Phoenix, but it definitely didn’t stop the fun!! I got to spend the day out at Big Surf Waterpark with my kids for an afternoon in the water. Whether you enjoy grilling out, swimming with your kids, getting outside or just relaxing, we hope you had a memorable day.

Father’s Day Trivia

How much do you really know about Father’s Day? Here are some questions to test your knowledge.

     1)  Father’s Day was established as a national holiday in what year?

Answer: 1972

     2)  Who was the president that made this possible?

Answer: Richard Nixon

     3)  How much money is spent every year on Father’s Day gifts?

Answer: Estimated 13 billion dollars

      4)  What are the most popular gifts for dad?

Answer: Gift cards are #1 and Electronics are #2

      5)  How many fathers are in the United States?

Answer: Approximately 68 million